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The Dark Monarch Series

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Onero's Hunt - 2nd Edition
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In a decimated world, two Antarctic nations wage war over food. Their only hope: a seed vault in the Arctic, and an outcast who must cross the ravaged world to reach it.​

Toris Onero spends his time illegally scavenging wrecks for the black market, hoping to earn enough money to buy his sister a seat at the Academy. Struggling to get by in the remains of an iceless Antarctic, life is tough and every day could be his last.​


When widespread crop failures spark a brutal famine, the council of Polaria prepares to invade their barbaric neighbouring nation to seize the resources they need to survive. As his sister is conscripted to fight in the coming war, Toris makes a startling discovery – the existence of a secret Seed Vault from long ago, locked away on the other side of the planet.


​The council offers their highest reward to anyone who can retrieve the seeds – and for the first time in seven hundred years, people return to the desolated world in search of salvation.​


The race is on. To claim the prize and free his sister, Toris must survive a perilous journey with a crew of felons to the other end of the world. But with others also competing for the same prize, he knows this mission will put all of his skills to the test.​


And things only get worse when a mysterious group begin their own expedition – to destroy the seeds and make war inevitable…​

If you like futuristic dystopian adventures with tons of action and page-turning suspense, then you won’t want to miss Onero's Hunt. Grab your copy today!

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